19 Genius Ways to Use Tension Rods Around Your Home

95 blog 19 Genius Ways to Use Tension Rods Around Your Home

Tension rods are one of those pieces of hardware that you probably don’t think about much until you need them. But once you know how versatile they can be, you’ll start looking for excuses to use them all the time! Here are 19 genius ways to put tension rods to work around your home.



1. Store bulky household cleaners where you can easily get to them...unless you enjoy reaching through spiderwebs to find the window cleaner at the back of the cabinet.


(Image Source: Mommy Musings)


2. Display your jewelry in a setup that is both functional and fashionable.


(Image Source: Live Simply by Annie)


3. Not a toe out of line with this DIY shoe rack hack.


(Image Source: El Mueble)


4. No more room for new plants? Create extra space to grow!


(Image Source: El Mueble)


5. Free up your cupboards by displaying your souvenir mug collection with a DIY coffee station.


(Image Source: Family Handyman)


6. Cooking utensils are awkward and bulky, whether in a drawer or an overflowing crock on the counter —so consider hanging them out of the way instead.


(Image Source: Interior Designers)


7. Store your spices in that unused space at the top of the shelf, plus enjoy the bonus of seeing them all at once so you can effortlessly find the paprika.


(Image Source: HGTV)


8. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to play Cookware Jenga every time you needed to grab a frypan and the right-sized lid?


(Image Source: Wonder Spaces)


9. Never fight the haphazard Tupperware tower again.


(Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens)


10. Whether you need to keep kids in or keep strangers out, a tension rod will keep sliding doors and windows securely shut.

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 08.22.45

(Image Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady)


11. Hang dish rags and sponges to dry in the sink rather than leaving puddles on the counter.

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 08.25.50

(Image Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady)


12. Tame the gift wrapping corner and prevent the gift bags from getting crinkled.


(Image Source: Style Degree)


13. Quickly locate the right ribbon without digging through a basket of tangled despair.


(Image Source: Sew Many Ways)


14. Organize the bakeware so it's easier to find the right serving platter.


(Image Source: Carpenters)


15. Make any drawer into a filing cabinet.


(Image Source: Alicia Sullivan)


16. Expand closet storage, or create a drop zone by the door.


(Image Source: Apartment Therapy)


17. Use hooks to hang handbags, umbrellas, hats, belts, or any other accessories that tend to create closet clutter.


(Image Source: Room Clip)


18. Display all your beautiful scarves.


(Image Source: HGTV)


19. Reclaim your bathtub! Use shower curtain hooks to attach dollar store baskets for storing toys, containers, and anything else that gets constantly knocked off the ledge.


(Image Source: Mum's Grapevine)



Final Thoughts

Tension rods are an inexpensive and easy way to organize your home and make your life a little bit easier. They're quick to install, require no tools, and leave no damage if you ever change your mind. So the next time you're feeling the urge to get your space a little more organized, don't overlook the versatility of tension rods!