Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

In our line of work, easy is not in the job description

Repainting the interior of your home might seem like a simple task. After all, everyone had the kindergarten experience where the teacher brought out the watercolors and we made a nice Mother's Day card. But it's thinking like this--of the event and not the outcome--that leads many into the do-it-yourself paint job trap. 

Home renovation is a time when having the right tool counts and home painting exception. Just like you want a 24 oz. hammer for framing in that open concept shower, you want the right techniques, tools, and materials for painting your walls. Contrary to populr belief, paint does not cover-up poor craftsmanship, not just any old brush will do, and the cheapest roller is not likely to be the best. 

You deserve the best, and thats what paintEZ offers. 

A well kept home keeps better value 

A freshly painted room is the apex of cleanliness. It looks brighter because it is. It hasn't had time to get dirty and the paint's surface is in the best condition it will ever be. There is no dust or micro abrassions to deteriorate the finish. It reflects more light.

For you, a brightened room can help with pride in ownership. It's inviting and it's your place! But if you are selling it, studies have shown a freshly painted interior can increase the home's value by 7%. Particular colors help even more. If you think of it, the items of interest a potential home-buyer has when viewing a home for sale are the walls, lighting, and carpet. Staging furniture is nice. It shows potential layouts. But it doesn't come with the house. They re looking at what they came to buy. The lights, the wall, and the carpet. 

Paint is the easiest way to make any space feel larger 

In most cities, the minimum size required for a room to be called a bedroom is 70-square feet and many designers of starter homes have tested that size. Often it ends up being a child's bedroom, but families don't always grow with the economy or the age of their children. Small rooms can be a challenge in these situations. But, the proper use of paint color and style can open up these small spaces into worlds that fire the imagination and drive creativity. In fact, a can of eggshell finish Sherwin-Williams Dark Night with strtegically placed LEDs can open a small room to the horizons. 

The best needs the best to be the best 

The quality of your paint and supplies, plus the expertise of your painter determines the life and beauty of the paint on your walls. Professional house painters know exactly what types of interior paint and tools are needed for optimal results. Ultimately, this means they know what is needed for you to get the best life out of your paint. 

No stress 

PaintEZ handles all the details from the color selection, to the preparation of surfaces to be painted. Not only does this ensure a perfect paint job, but a job that will last for years to come. You’ll be thrilled with your interior paint job when it’s completed. 

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to do the job and provide you with peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our committed team of professionals and our dedication to excellence. Give us a call today and we’ll get you started with a free consultation. 

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