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The project craftsman home, minus porch area sunroom and Craftsman columns.

Buying a 111-year old house is not without its challenges. My wife and I bought a 111-year-old Craftsman home in small-town, Wyoming. Originally built in 1910, this 3-bedroom home has seen a lot of work over the years. After finding a few artifacts, we looked into its history and found it was a home passed…

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7 Steps To Update Your Stucco Exterior In Mesa, AZ

2022-01-15 Paint EZ Company Mesa AZ 7 Steps To Update Your Stucco Exterior

A stucco siding is a good way to protect the exterior of your home. Many homeowners prefer to use stucco as it tends to last for a considerably long amount of time. But sometimes, the changing weather and general wear and tear of time can lead to it looking old and cracked. Updating your stucco…

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5 Nursery Paint Colors Parents Should Try In Syracuse, UT

2022-01-15 Paint EZ Company Syracuse UT 5 Nursery Paint Colors Parents Should Try

Congrats, you have a little one on the way! With a new child comes the multitude of new responsibilities, and that includes decorating a nursery room as well. Fortunately, you don’t have to stress yourself out deciding what shade to coat your baby’s nursery. Regardless of your baby’s gender, you’ll surely be able to enjoy…

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5 Fun Ways To Paint A Playroom in Salt Lake City, UT

2022-01-08 Paint EZ Company Salt Lake City UT 5 Fun Ways To Paint A Playroom

Children’s playrooms are an essential part of the homes of many families. It’s an area where kids can play, create art, and explore their many curiosities in the comfort of their own homes. No child would want to stay inside a boring-looking playroom, so it’s important to make it look exciting and fun for them.…

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7 Benefits of Using Exterior Stucco Walls for Your Home in Mesa, AZ

2021-12-22 Paint EZ Mesa AZ Benefits of Using Exterior Stucco Walls

Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, the exterior stucco walls will consistently deliver beauty, long-lasting durability, and quality for your home. But what is this impressive material that will give your home a kind of vibe, and what are its benefits to provide for your home? The exterior stucco walls will give your…

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7 Useful Tips for Cabinet Refinishing in Utah County, UT

2021-12-08 Paint EZ Utah County UT Cabinet Refinishing

Time will come that your cabinets could be worn out and may need replacement. However, if you love your old cabinet and still consider how it looks, you don’t have to pay to install a new cabinet. Cabinet refinishing or repainting could be the best inexpensive approach, so you can save money and give your…

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7 Types of Exterior Stucco Finishes in Mesa, AZ

2021-12-08 Paint EZ Mesa AZ Exterior Stucco

Stucco finishes have been a good choice for buildings for years. This is because it could be used in adding intrigue color and stylizing facades. The Exterior stucco finish can be applied to walls and other surfaces. The material is long-lasting, fire-retardant, and only requires minimal maintenance, especially when installed by professionals. You can also…

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