5 Amazon Must-Haves for Your Home

We've scoured the interwebs in search of the hottest Amazon Home Finds, and honestly...we don't know how we lived this long without them!

(By the way, these links aren't sponsored —we just really like these products!)


1. Headboard Wedge Pillow


(Image Source: VEKKIA Amazon product page)

Does your mattress scoot away from the headboard, leaving a giant gap that eats your pillow during the night? This innovative wedge closes the gap, giving you a more comfortable sleeping experience and keeps your bed looking neat. Plus, it even has a side pocket to stash a remote, water bottle, or reading glasses.


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2. Electric Spin Scrubber


(Image Source: LABIGO Amazon product page)

This is not your mama's scrub brush. This electric scrubber makes cleaning faster and easier than ever before. Its extendable handle and 90-minute charge are great for getting to all those hard-to-reach places, like behind the toilet or the bathtub.


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3. Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum


(Image Source: Tineco Amazon product page)

This next-level vacuum will shock you with how much dirt it picks up—plus, it auto-cleans itself so you don't have to touch any more yucky mop pads! Cut down on cleaning time by combining vacuuming and mopping simultaneously. This machine is truly a game-changer.


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4. Silicone Couch Cup Holder


(Image Source: Elimiko Amazon product page)

This universal drink holder goes on the arm of your couch and provides a place to put your beverage, snacks, phone, or remote. This is a perfect solution if you don't have an end table nearby, and the silicone material is easy to wipe clean in case of any messes.


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5. Kitchen Sink Splash Gaurd


(Image Source: BFONS Amazon product page)

Soggy sponges and dripping dish soap are constantly making a mess on the counter, but this quick fix will finally put an end to it! This silicone guard reroutes water back into the sink, so you don't have to worry about water splashing out onto your countertops or floor. It's easy to install and comes in a variety of sizes to fit just about any sink.


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Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the must-haves from Amazon that will instantly upgrade your living space. Did we miss any good ones? Tell us your favorite Amazon products in the comments!