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Small Projects

Maybe you have been thinking for a while about repainting your front door. Perhaps your garage door has also lost its appeal. Your shutters and trim could probably use some paint, but you are not ready to paint the whole house. All of these are relatively small jobs you could do in the course of a day. But why should you? Or—if you are willing to do the job—do you have the tools you need to get the job done?

In our work, we encounter several such small project opportunities that need to be completed before we can start the job. Some might think of these as upsells. But in all honesty, before we can paint your home, we need to prepare the surface to accept paint and we can call the job done. These tasks include fixing dents and holes in your walls before we can paint inside your house; replacing kitchen cabinet hardware before we can call a cabinet repainting project done; replacing rotted fascia and soffits to correct a problem before it gets worse; or replacing old and weather-worn screens to add that final touch to a freshly painted exterior.

It is not an upsell when it's something that needs to be done for the integrity of our work and your home. Quite often, we find these issues have been years in the making.

You don't have to wait for us to paint your house to do the minor repairs. You can call us for these and other repairs today!

Drywall Repair

It should be no surprise that we want to repair the walls in a room before we paint. These holes could be from simple nails used to hang pictures to the result of someone's frustration. Regardless, it needs to be fixed before we can paint the interior. While a hole in the wall by itself creates no immediate hazard, it can just be unsightly. However, it should be repaired right away if it exposed electrical wiring, plumbing, or home insulation. Most holes smaller than a few inches can be repaired with joint compound, but larger holes require some reinforcement. Regardless of their source, you should get these holes in your wall repaired while you can still count the age in days or weeks instead of waiting for when you are ready to repaint. PaintEZ can repair your drywall and repaint the area around the hole and match the paint to complete the project.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Maybe you know how it happened. Maybe you don't. Maybe the spouse or kids are suspiciously quiet. Who knows? Regardless, there is a broken or missing drawer handle, cabinet doorknob, or cupboard door hinge requiring just a little extra effort to open without destroying something else. Hopefully, you can find a matching piece at the hardware store or maybe it is just time to upgrade them all? New kitchen cabinet hardware is a small thing that adds something extra to the heart of your home. PaintEZ can help you with the selection of new hardware from matching knobs, handles, and hinges to drawer gliders, tracks, and adjustable shelving.

Carpentry Repair

Ignoring what you might think is just a cosmetic issue on the outside of your home will cost you money later. Particularly where there is weather-worn paint and exposed wood. For reference, fascia is the outermost painted wood facing the elements on the overhanging portion of your roof. The soffit is the wood panel on the underside of the overhang between the fascia and outside wall of your house. Wood rot on either of these parts of your roof can let water get into walls, leaving behind mold or just damaging your home's vital infrastructure. Even worse, damage in these areas creates an inviting point of entry for flying insects like bees and wasps, or uncommon household pests like raccoons, squirrels, and bats.

On a scale of one to ten, you probably want zero pests in your home and of course, we don't count bees as pests. But, bees creating a hive in your attic can be bad for your home. According to the experts at Bee Best Bee Removal, the attic is a common place for bees to build a hive and homeowners may not notice their presence for months or even years when the hive begins to leak honey damaging wood and sheetrock, alike. Areas not directly affected may develop black mold issues snd the residual honey odor lasts years and may attract ants and rodents. Call PaintEZ for your minor carpentry repairs and we'll match the existing paint.

Window Screen Replacement

Windows screens come in a small variety of metal and synthetic materials. As they age, however, they begin to oxidize and break down. From the inside looking out, this is your window becoming harder to see through. It looks dirty and it doesn't quite clean up when you try, which is a common problem when your screens contain aluminum. Most will see it as a light haze, but some will experience yellowing with the screen etched into the glass surface. From the outside looking in, imagine what this does to your paint.

There is plenty you can do to extend the life of your screens and the paint around your windows according to Mr. Wright's, beginning with getting rid of them altogether. But I'm not ready to do that. I like opening the windows and I hate bugs getting in. They do have other suggestions, but the second and last suggestions are this writer's preferred methods: store your screens in the winter and wash the outside of your windows regularly. Regardless—as previously mentioned—these are issues many let happen over the course of years. The end result is screens that become fragile and easily torn. Call PaintEZ to get your screens replaced and stop the damage.

Small Painting Jobs

The nice thing about hiring a professional painter is they have the tools and experience to do the job. It really is more than just brushes and rollers. Our most senior manager's experience spans more than 20-years of interior and exterior painting, on residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. However, our average manager's experience is over 10-years! These are painters that not only know how to do the job but how to do it in a way that is going to make the best use of your time. So, call PaintEZ to get paint your small paint projects too!

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